Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rolex Submariner Package - Z, M, V, G

Watch has all original 13 bracelet links. Comes with inner & outer box, properly stamped and dated warranty card, red & green hang tags, plastic bezel protector, and booklets

The serial numbers (based on best guess, guesstimation, agak-agakration):

Z000001 - 2006
M000001 - 2007
V000001 - 2008
G000001 - Mid 2010
Random Numbers - Late 2010 to present

The difference between the Z,M and V are things like:

1. Traditional old style COSC paperwork on the Z series as compared to the CCCC (COSC Credit Card Certificate) on the M and V series. Some like the old version, some like the new version.

2. CRB (Chapter Ring Branding). Some people like it, some don't. Sadly some Z series have the CRB and some M series don't. So you really have to look, if you don't like the CRB. 

3. Age. Z series older while V series newer. So pre-loved prices can vary (I guess).

4. The Rolex laser etching on the crystal. Later model have, earlier model don't. Some like, some don't. 

Also there are differences which are model specific. For example on the Daytona, the clasp is different between the M, V and Z series. However this is not 100% true as there were cases of the V series Daytona with the older Z series clasp. That's Rolex for you. Just like the random serial number and the 'sudden' appearance of the G serial number. 

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